Some of my younger friends have been trying to get me to go online with a website and blog for a long time. I’ve resisted because I was content with the readership and response to my column in the local paper  – Ojai and Ventura View-. I’m also a bit phobic and judgmental about modern gadgets like televisions, cell phones, computers and always felt they were a couple of quarts low on  soul.

So what changed my mind? Several reasons.

By definition: Psychotherapy bonds doctor and patient by the necessary and sacred code of confidentiality. I never get involved in my patients life outside of therapy. I take responsibility for my work in the therapeutic hour and let them be responsible for their lives in the outside world. After 36 years it gets very lonely to keep an essential part of my life to myself. Being introverted and somewhat reclusive I’m hoping that a soulful and meaningful dialogue with people from different walks of life will be helpful to me. Another reason for this blog is to speak my truth as I know it in the hope of helping people to make this planet a better place.

Finally and admittedly equally in motivation is that my friends convinced me I can make some bucks in selling my articles, essays and a book in the making over this website. That’s still a ways down the future. For now let’s start a dialogue and have some laughs. Thank you my young friend Russell Webb for your relentlessness and putting this website together.

Onward! Dios Grande ……Peter

7 thoughts on “Introduction”

  1. Danielle Baylin Schleppi

    Pete, I am writing in behalf of my wife, Danielle. I know your acquaintance with Danielle dates back to Frankfurt American High School.

    She and I have been married since 1995 and living in Florida since 2000. We both retired after careers with State Government in Ohio.

    We have read some of the information and biographical material about your life and career. Very interesting.

    Bob Schleppi
    Sarasota, Florida

  2. well, i might as well be first since i have been hearing this shit for decades. my friend pete is deserving of a fine site like this. and thank to his friends in helping this old guy deal with the Internet. the wolf of the steppes indeed. hesse wrote a while back and his life came face to face with a burgeoning industrialism. the old ways were disappearing and duality struck hard and fast. I have christened my friend Peter the “symbol of mental health” with a switch of irony. if you have concerns i recommend that you contact him. you will get the most honost advise you will ever get in your life. t. kosterman

  3. Peter Milhado PHD

    my friendship with t.kosterman started in 1966 when we both played soccer for Frankfurt American HighSchool. We both went on to play for the University of Maryland. Soccer got major competition from dionysian activities . 43 years later our friendship is not only still alive it has grown much deeper. My old friend thomas always had eccentric ways of expressing his love

  4. Russ, can you now put pete together? and while you are at it can figure out how to get roger lydon to say more than three words.

    Freedom is like defining the Truth. what the hell is it? Is Freedom a state of mind like the wordsmith dick oswell believes or is it a state of physical movement or both? The wolf steps gingerly at first than grows bolder. he roams the steppes and goes where he chooses with disregard & recklessness, yet he is not free. What is the duality all about causing problems here, pete?

  5. Peter Milhado PHD

    Duality Tom? Like mind vs matter, light vs dark , masculine vs.feminine etc.? Here is what my companero ex jesuit priest Luis FernandoCastillo AKA “Loco Luiee” had to say about duality.He was sitting outside the gates of his monastery when a smiling voluptuous woman sashayed by singing an African folksong. Desire [MIND] overcame him and his body [MATTER} followed immediately. At this point mind and matter were blissfully ONE. He tried to follow her , but walking was cumbersome in his state of excitement . Soon his memory [MIND] reminded him of his oath of celibacy and his body [MATTER] literally shrunk …. and LUIEE returned to the cursed state of duality . But believe me Tom old Luiee didn t give UP!

  6. john. "beatle" ferra

    Just found your site. Don’t know if you will remember me or our time togther at FHS on the soccer field. You were the best. You in the center, Moose to your left and me on the wing.

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