The Ego Wants Security, The Soul Wants to Live!

Inner_WarriorReflections On The Inner Warrior

Are you bored, lethargic, lonely, feel alienated or empty inside? Is the monster of the status–quo running your life? Are you stuck?

Complaining and whining, or waiting for a rescue will not help. However, being quiet and reflective, checking out your inner landscape and consciously exploring the deeper parts of your self will connect or re-connect you with your inner warrior. The journey awaiting you usually goes into the inner world first and then into the outer. By traveling into the depth of our being with eyes open we become more authentic and I can’t think of anything better we can do for ourselves or our children than to live authentically and responsibly.

If you want to change your present condition, action is the only way and for that you will need your warrior energies. Before we act and encounter the outer world we need to make a strategy, because we will have to face both terror and exhilaration when we follow our inner vision. This reminds me again of the unknown poet who said, “What fascinates and terrifies is the way of the soul.”

Many times when we decide to make a change and blaze a new trail we get discouraged by colleagues, friends, teachers, parents and insurance companies. Check out their motivations. Is it fear, control or envy? Often we’ve been advised to stay as safe as possible. The ego wants security, but the soul wants to live! There are no guarantees in life, the variables are infinite… but we can’t live a soulful life without going on a quest at the right time.

The Inner Warrior

If we continue to repeat the same neurotic self-destructive patterns, avoid making changes and are mostly undisciplined, we’ve disconnected from the warrior archetype. Our inner warrior helps us fight the enemies within – inertia, addictions, irresponsibility, denial, laziness, and cynicism. It takes strength to tolerate frustration and delay immediate gratification. Warrior energy helps us to make a plan and stick to it. We begin to trust our own perceptions of life and our own truth rather than someone else’s, which has been imposed on us early in life. Most of all, our internal warrior gives us courage to face our fears…. i.e. fear of failure, fear of defeat, fear of poverty, fear of humiliation, fear of disapproval etc.

The Warrior In The Outer World

The warrior archetype had its roots in the hunter archetype of our early ancestors and was about survival of self and tribe. If over time you were unsuccessful as a hunter/warrior you would die and so could your family. In modern times the warrior energy has shifted from the hunt. Today we can witness the warrior archetype displayed in athletics, schools and especially the workplace.

At its best the warrior archetype calls us to have courage, strength, a sense of fairness and stamina. Other characteristics include the ability to defend oneself and loved ones verbally, legally and when necessary physically. The warrior lives by and fights for values and principles even when doing so are financially or socially costly. Warriors claim power in the world and commit to making our planet a better place.

Warrioring includes protecting the weaker and to “show up” when required. “Showing up” means sticking to commitments – going to work even though you have to drag yourself there, confronting your boss or asking for a raise, following your vision without anyone’s help, opposing the majority view, or locking your mother in-law from hell in the basement with bread and water only and so forth…. Read Part 2 of this article here.

Dr. Peter Milhado  © 2013

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