Peter Milhado PHD


Many people suffering from phobias attempt to pursue the course of greatest safety being preoccupied with security. Inner emotional conflict and anxiety are not dealt with. Disturbing sexual thoughts or aggressive impulses are repressed (i.e. ‘Out of sight out of mind’).  However when the defense mechanism of repression begins to fail, trouble ensues. For example, …

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When we’re in the grips of jealousy it overwhelms as if we’re in a state of possession.  Looking closer into jealousy we can also find some or all of these: feeling abandoned, small, helpless, afraid, dependent, ashamed, judgmental, attached, anxious, revengeful, needing to be loved, angry and enraged.  No wonder it’s such a complicated emotion …

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Envy Anyone?

It’s others who have success, money, fulfilling work, a great sex life, comfort, happiness – not me!  Do you sometimes catch yourself enjoying finding fault in others?  Do you get a secret pleasure when an angel falls? Sound familiar?  Relax, you’ve just entered the major leagues and committed one of the ‘seven deadly sins.’  If …

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