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Have You No Shame!?!

Where does this admonition come from? It is usually directed at someone who goes public with their sexuality, greed, gluttony, relentless need for attention etc. We diagnose and identify sociopaths by their inability to feel guilt as well as their incapacity for shame in many areas of their lives.

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‘Authority Complex’ Anyone?

Ever since Carl Jung coined the psychological term ‘complex’ in the early part of this century it has become a part of everyday language (inferiority complex, guilt complex, money complex, Father complex etc.) Complexes are like separate little personalities within the total personality.

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Eternal Girls – Women Who Never Grow Up

Even though ‘Eternal Girls’ are in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s or even older,they retain the emotional and psychological characteristic of young girls. These women are wounded by our patriarchal society, which has defined what women can and cannot do.

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Being In Love vs. Loving

Man carries within himself an image of a woman.  When he is ‘in love’, he projects the image of his inner woman onto the woman he loves. In other words when he falls ‘in love’ with a woman, he is, in fact, only in love with himself.

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The Ego Wants Security, The Soul Wants to Live!